Designing For The Next Hundred Years



We are a full service design agency engaged at the intersection of historic preservation and modern living. Working on all aspects of the physical environment, our residential, commercial, and cultural projects reflect the tenets of adaptive reuse and urban revitalization. Our agency strongly believes in the individual and societal impact of thoughtful design, and in assuring a site’s sustainability through the continuous evolution of historic preservation and urban revitalization. By melding the restoration of built environments with high quality modern functionality, we honor the history of space and place and ensure its usable existence for decades to come.


Historic Preservation

Successful restoration realizes the past and equips a property for the future. We know what to expect and what to recommend. We thoroughly research and are able to understand historic regulations, have the ability to create relationships with historic review boards, and regularly volunteer with historic agencies.

Space Revisualization

Modern living within a historic footprint requires a sensitivity to both spacial functionality and design implementation. We specialize in seamlessly blending the best of the historic property with a more modern sensibility in the form of proportions, compatible materials, milled moldings, and more.

Pre Purchase  

The purchase of a historic property is a unique and personal investment. From general guidance to on-site assessments, from short and long term design concepts to renovation plans, we intimately understand the entire process and the importance of transforming it for your needs.

Remodeling Contracts

Historic construction differs from new construction, and a lack of knowledge and inattention to detail ultimately leads to unanticipated expenses. We become a partner in your renovation by translating contracts, looking for intentional eliminations, solving unexpected problems, and communicating your vision effectively.